Jeff Filer

“Being a foodie helps me in the kitchen business,” says Jeff Filer, Supply One kitchen designer, who regularly attends Taste of Dayton and haunts the aisles of Jungle Jim’s. “Cooking has given me real insight. When I create a design, I ask myself, ‘would I enjoy working in this kitchen?’”

That’s just one of Jeff’s strengths as a designer. He’s also known for his superb handling of details. “I hear from people all the time, how they appreciate my extra attention to detail and my technical knowledge. That’s because so often in high custom kitchens, we have to be careful with the engineering of our specialty design elements, to make sure they fit and function properly.” Anyone who’s seen something technical go wrong can appreciate such a talent.

As a designer who loves pure design but leans toward functionality, Jeff is often expected to draw on the predominate style within a client’s house to create a kitchen with harmony and balance.

Jeff enjoys the fact that today’s clients have been exposed to so much more design media, such as HGTV, internet sites and magazines. As a result, people come to him loaded with inspiration. “It’s more fun for me when people come with expectations.”

With Jeff, design is a true collaboration. “I bring to their attention the latest trends, such as granite or granite-look counter tops or ceiling height cabinets, so we can work together towards their needs and within their budget,” says Jeff. “Even in the medium price lines today, there are so many things we can do!” With Jeff’s help, customers will do them right.

Please call for an appointment and bring in your dimensions and goals for the project. We will work together to make a tentative selection of the materials for your project and then sit down and discuss the dimensions and a preliminary design. Another appointment is typically set up to go over the completed plan and pricing. Generally a few minor adjustments are made and the materials are typically ready to order.

My Design Philosophy

To educate the client and explore the various options and possibilities available for the project so the client can make the decisions and
selections that best suit taste, budget and needs.

To create a design that is a true collaboration incorporating the client’s wants and needs.