Paul Kemna

You may already have been inspired by Paul Kemna’s kitchen designs without knowing it. If you’ve searched for ideas in the glossy pages of home magazines, toured Rehabaramas, or searched online for kitchen ideas, chances are you’ve seen some of Paul’s design genius.

“I enjoy my work,” says Paul. “As for design inspiration, that comes from you, my customer. You inspire my designs. From the first time you come into the showroom to look around, as you begin making selections, I’ll get to know what you like. That helps me to design a kitchen to be a reflection of you, not an imitation of anything you’ve seen me do in magazines.”

Photos of Paul’s projects have graced spreads in publications such as Kitchen & Bath, The Dayton Daily News and A fruitful partnership with the Home Builders Association and Remodel Contractors has given birth to beautiful designs that extend the possibilities of what the heart of a home can be.

“Large, custom jobs are complicated and very stimulating,” says Paul. “But a smaller kitchen with a lot of personal character can be just as interesting. Space doesn’t limit my imagination one bit.”

Meeting Paul is rather like meeting a distinguished professor of kitchen and bath design, and indeed, he has served as Vice President of Education for the Southern Ohio chapter of National Kitchen and Bath Association. His career began in cabinetry, a result of a talent for woodworking. By the time he became a certified kitchen and bathroom designer in 1987, Paul already had extensive knowledge and experience and has been an integral member of the Supply One team since 1997.

“The one thing I’d like to add to my credentials is more green and eco-friendly projects,” says Paul. “I would love to see a new green standard of construction in my lifetime. It just makes you feel better about the health of our environment.”

Now that Supply One is part of The Requarth Co., who are experts in custom moulding and all the touches that make a kitchen unique, Paul’s creativity knows no limits.

My Design Philosophy

I treat your investment as if it were my own. Throughout my career, I have had the pleasure of working with clients whose diverse backgrounds, personalities and lifestyles taught me to think outside of my own place in life.