Deborah Kracus

Not only is Debbie Kracus, Supply One kitchen designer, fearless when it comes to mixing and balancing color and texture, she inspires her clients with confidence as well. Her life has been filled with creative endeavors. She’s worked in art galleries, design and frame shops, and has spent her last thirteen years as a kitchen designer.

“I’m doing what I love, and what I’m passionate about,” says Debbie. “And this is just a great creative atmosphere!” She’s referring to the new Requarth/Supply One showroom, a space filled with character and history – not to mention a crack team of bath and kitchen designers applying their artistry every day.

If you’d like a sharp new kitchen, but feel intimidated by the more avant-garde ideas, such as dark colors or mixing old with new, Debbie can help guide your eye. She loves mixing metal with wood and stone. “I tend to think outside the box, but the key to creating something beautiful and functional is balance. The old saying ‘less is more’ is as true today as ever.”

Of course, it’s ultimately the client’s call and Debbie takes the time to get to know clients and what they’ll be comfortable with. “If you come prepared with a budget, a wish list, and photos of the styles you’re attracted to – is a great place to look – we’ll be off to a great start,” says Debbie. “This is a space you’ll be dwelling in every day. It’s an extension of you and your home. So when you’re ready for something strikingly new, we make sure it’s done right.”

My Design Philosophy

Simple and honest, the ideals of my approach are comprised of integrity, knowledge, value and quality. I always put the best interests of my clients first, directing them towards quality products that protect their investment.