AIA Lunch & Learn – Mouldings & Doors – The Built In Value of Any Home or Commercial Project

PROFESSIONAL EVENT – Architects, Remodelers, Builders, Specifiers

Join us for lunch at the Requarth Co. and learn how to build in value to any project with moulding.  

Course Description
A well‐designed trim package not only adds value to your home, it increases the health and well‐being of the people living there. This course will discuss many challenges that can arise when working with raw materials – challenges that if considered at the beginning stage of the design process, could maximize the value of the project relative to design, yield, and meeting client expectations.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • More effectively value engineer a moulding package by understanding common industry standards used when it comes to the raw materials.
  • Explain the reasons of why investing in a well‐designed trim package brings value to the homeowner.
  • Better understand basic key areas in the design phase, which are important to achieve both beauty and
  • functionality.
  • Explain why jobsite conditions are critical to the long term success of the installed trim package.

Join us to learn about Mouldings & Doors – The Built In Value of Any Home or Commercial Project
PROVIDER Koetter Woodworking
LENGTH 1 Hour 
CREDITS 1 Learning Unit Hour