KATZ Roadshow was a SUCCESS!

Requarth Co. was chosen to host a KATZ Roadshow.

Dayton, OH – The Katz Roadshow, a traveling clinic of leading national manufacturers and installers who provide hands-on training to professional builders and contractors, stopped at the Requarth Co. in downtown Dayton, OH on May. 12.

The Dayton clinic is the Roadshow’s only stop in the Miami Valley region during its 2017 nationwide tour. This is the Roadshow’s fifteenth year providing clinics and workshops at quality lumberyards across the country.

The perfect storm is hitting our industry. We’re suffering from the first damaging waves. Jobsite apprenticeship programs have long disappeared, public schools rarely teach courses in the manual arts, and the permanent loss of valuable construction skills is at risk. Profit margins suffer more and more from errors in material ordering, incorrect installation practices, and callbacks. Poor building practices undermine the respect our profession demands.

Simultaneously, new technologies continue to create revolutionary products in the construction industry, often requiring specialized installation tools and techniques: new building materials create an even greater urgency for education. We can no longer rely on tradition for training. The shortage of serious hands-on educational programs erodes the reputation of our industry. The Katz Roadshow, a unique strategic partnership of leading manufacturers and installation specialists, provides hands-on training clinics for professionals at lumberyards across America.

Mike Sloggatt
Mike presents carpentry demonstrations at JLC Live, The Remodeling Show, IBS, lumberyards, and local NARI events. He is a frequent contributor to the Journal of Light Construction magazine and writes for Fine Homebuilding and Tools of the Trade, in addition to moderating the JLC Rough Carpentry Forum. Mike has more than thirty years of experience. He specializes in high-end, challenging remodels near his home on Long Island.


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