Requarth Co. Launches Timeless Cabinetry & Mouldings

Alan Pippenger, President of the Requarth Co., announced the launch two new custom product lines, Timeless Cabinetry and Timeless Mouldings.

Timeless Cabinetry are custom cabinets build locally by Requarth Co.
Timeless Cabinetry is a line of custom cabinets produced in Requarth’s historic downtown mill. The cabinets feature all wood construction, formaldehyde free plywood boxes, and solvent free finishes.

“We believe that the time is right to offer our customers an affordable custom cabinet that is built locally and embraces the highest green building standards,” said Pippenger.

According to company Vice President John Requarth, the focus on an environmentally friendly product fits well with other company initiatives. “We are the only area building products company to achieve both a Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certification and status as a Certified Green Dealer. We pride ourselves not only our five generation history, but also on our commitment to future generations.” 





Historically accurate mouldings

Timeless Moulding, the Requarth Co.’s new line of historically accurate moldings, offers four moulding collections, designed in collaboration with nationally recognized home builder, historic moulding and millwork expert, author and craftsman Brent Hull. The collections simplify the selection process for customers and ensure that each component, from base to casing to crown mouldings, fit the home’s design are properly proportioned. The collections are named in honor of influential Dayton architects: Harry Schenck, noted for designing the Wright Brother’s home at Hawthorn Hill; Albert Pretzinger, who designed the former Dayton Daily News Building for Gov. James Cox; Frank Mills Andrews, the architect for the Dayton Arcade; and Charles Insco Williams, noted for the Downtown Dayton YMCA Building. “Dayton is well known for our history of invention, creativity and innovation,” said Pippenger. We decided that this would be a great way to honor Dayton’s rich architectural history.”

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About the Requarth Co.

Requarth Lumber & Millwork Company was founded in Dayton in 1860 as a premier lumber company. This family-owned firm has employed six generations over the last 150-plus years; the current president, Alan F. Pippenger, is the great-great grandson of founder Frederick August Requarth.

Requarth Lumber helped Dayton’s favorite sons, Orville and Wilbur Wright, when they purchased spruce for their early flyers. The company has survived the Great Flood of 1913, a catastrophic fire, both World Wars, and the Great Depression. Over the years, Requarth has built a national reputation for fine millwork.

Today, its woodwork graces homes and buildings not only across the Dayton region, but also throughout the Midwest and along the east coast. Requarth is the first and only Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®) certified and Certified Green dealer in Dayton, providing the region (and beyond) support for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) development projects. Ask your sales representative about FSC certified products.

For more information about The Requarth Co. and their products and services, visit

About Brent HullBrent_Hull_with_info
Brent Hull, owner “and president of Hull Historical, is a nationally recognized authority on historic design, architecturally correct mouldings and millwork. Trained in the art of museum quality preservation at the prestigious North Bennett Street School in Boston, Brent is the author of three books: Traditional American Rooms, celebrating style, craftsmanship and historic woodwork; and his Historic Millwork, a guide to restoring and recreating doors, windows and mouldings; his most recent book is Building a Timeless House in an Instant Age, written to help builders and homeowners build authentic and beautiful homes.