Today is the day to start your kitchen remodel for the holidays.

What time of the year do you use your kitchen the most? Is it for Thanksgiving, where the turkey is roasted to perfection, the dressing is an old family recipe, and an extra homemade pumpkin pie is enjoyed over a cup of coffee?  Or is your kitchen where the kids and grandkids gather to make Christmas cookies?  Do these events make you think about remodeling your kitchen every year for the next holiday season? After the holidays, the sense of urgency wears off until just before the next holiday season. Again, too late to do anything about it.

Jill Rubey, Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD), spent 25 years in the kitchen industry before becoming Manager of Cabinet Design and Sales at the Requarth Co. She knows this cycle all too well and would like to give you some tips to help you hit your deadline, as well as get the most beautiful kitchen possible for the holidays.

“Believe it or not, summer is the best time to plan your new kitchen,” Rubey said. “The holidays sneak up on you fast. Unlike home improvement television, real world kitchen remodels take time. The sooner you get started, the better the chances are that you will have your dream kitchen by the holidays. As a bonus, during a late summer remodel you can take advantage of the weather and cook outside.”

Be realistic with your timeline. You don’t want to shortchange yourself to hit a deadline that is too tight. Typically a kitchen design takes 2-3 weeks, a cabinet order can take 4-8 weeks for delivery,  cabinet installation is 1-2 weeks, and countertops take 2 weeks for measure and installation. That’s 2-4 months depending on the kitchen’s complexity. Yes, there are things you can do to shorten the project timeline, but usually it comes down to compromise that limits your choice of cabinets, countertops, or design features. Thanksgiving is less than four months away, and Christmas about five.

Shawn Miller, Green Certified Professional (NAHB) and former home builder, spent 27 years in the industry before becoming Manager of Operations at the Requarth Co. Shawn believes it is important for homeowners to appreciate the complexity of a kitchen remodel. The key to a great remodel is to plan, plan some more, then stick to the plan. Changes will always add time and additional expense to the project. To get your project completed by a “special date” like Thanksgiving, Christmas, a birthday or wedding, he recommends building in plenty of time and keeping the changes to a minimum.

Get with a Designer.According to Rubey, designers can save you a lot of headaches. A kitchen designer takes your wishes, wants, needs, timeline, and budget to put together a plan. They will work with you to develop a layout that will work best for you, make product recommendations that will fit your timeline and budget, and take care of any issues that may arise with the cabinet manufacturer.

To expedite the design process, think about how you want your new space to work for you before meeting with your kitchen designer. This is the time to consider everything you might want. Do you need a large island for entertaining? How about a display case for your wine or precious family heirlooms? Have you always wanted a drawer microwave or dishwasher?

Have an idea of your budget. Designers can work much more efficiently when they have an idea of the budget they are working with. Do your homework to find out what kitchens cost and what your personal finances can handle. A sink can cost $100 or $3,500 and a ranges can be $500 or $10,000. Cabinetry and hardware run about 35% of your budget, appliances and ventilation can be 20%, countertops typically account for 15%, historically flooring is also 10%, and lighting is 5%. Earmark at least 15% for installation. Murphy’s Law, always assume you will uncover an issue like hidden water damage or mechanicals that need to be rerouted. Set aside a little budget in a “surprises” fund, since they are inevitable.

To recap, be realistic with your timeline. Make sure you have an idea of your needs, wants, and budget you can handle. Get a qualified kitchen designer that can walk you through the process from start to finish.

Good luck,  if you get started soon it won’t be too late. You still have time to get your new kitchen in-place by the holidays and for your special family moments.


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The showroom is located in Downtown Dayton across the street from 5/3rd field.
The Requarth Co. 447 E Monument Ave. Dayton, OH   Map
Phone: 937-224-1141

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