The Mill

When off-the-shelf solutions won’t work, Requarth’s renowned millwork shop will help you meet the challenge. Residential and commercial remodeling contractors and property maintenance professionals value our expertise and precision in creating pieces.

Whether you need custom casing and base mould patterns in specified lengths, historically accurate profiles and exterior sidings carefully matched to an original sample, or some other unusual piece you just can’t find at a big-box store, we’re prepared to deliver.

Our industrial customers turn to us for exactly the products they require. Plywood of any thickness and type can be sawn into custom shapes or strips. Custom wood wedges, blocks and rounds are manufactured to specifications. Whatever the need, we’re full service and we’ll find a solution.

Contact: Shawn Miller at 937-535-6402

Flexible, On-Time Delivery

We provide flexible, prompt delivery service to all customers, providing confidence and peace-of-mind for busy contractors and building professionals. Our delivery system features:

  • On-time delivery
  • Clear and accurate invoices
  • Prompt pick up of return items
  • Quick processing of material credits
  • Personal service by experienced sales staff

If you have questions regarding deliveries to your location, just call us at 937-224-1141.

Special Order Service

Long lengths and unusual dimensions that other suppliers have to order are often in stock at Requarth. But when special orders are necessary, our experience and the relationships we have built with our suppliers will help us find the right product, at a great price. If your plans require something extra, we can take care of that too in our custom shop. Every project should be done right.

If you have questions regarding special orders, just call us at 937-224-1141.